Dmitriy Gramotin: “We are doing our best to provide maximum of comfort for biathlon fans”

Press-conference, devoted to several biathlon events: Russia Championship, “Governors prize” and “Champions race” has taken place in Tyumen.

Dmitriy Gramotin, director of ministry of sports and youth politics in Tyumen region has told about coming events:  “The row of biathlon events in our region will start in two weeks in Uvat, where Russian Championship will take place. There will be presented races in non-Olympic disciplines – patrol race and super sprint, and after that Russian Championship is moving to Tyumen, to “Pearl of Siberia” center. Starting from 29th of March, there will be presented a standard program: sprint, pursuit, mixed relay and mass-start. On the bases of the championship there will be formed Russian national teams for the next season. Straight after finishing Russian Championships, on the 4th of April in the “Pearl of Siberia” center will begin the competitions “Prize of the Governor of Tyumen region”, this year all biathlon fans will see megamass-starts among men and women. Mega mass-start is a new discipline which was created especially for this event. Participants of this discipline have to go through 6 shooting marks: 3 in a lying position and 3 in a standing position. Distance of the track for women is 13.5 km, for men – 18 km, and due to a huge amount of participants, the athletes are always on the field of play and this makes mega mass-start an exciting and spectacular scene. The next day on the 5th of April in the center of the city on “FC Tyumen” stadium there will start “Champions race” – big and important event for Tyumen city. As it used to be in Moscow and in Europe when they make “Christmas race” – we are doing our best to come closer to the audience, to make it more comfortable for the biathlon fans. Besides, note that since this weekend there will be working fan-zones, where biathlon fans will have a chance to participate in contests, win the tickets to “Champions race”, take pictures with the mascot of the race and just have a good time. On Saturday 12.00-16.00 fan-zone will be working in Historical square, and on Sunday 12.00-15.00 in winter sports center “ Voroninskie gorki”. We are inviting all the fans!”

Vladimir Sartakov – deputy director of  branch of company “Mostostroy-11” in Tyumen – representatives of the general sponsor of the competition has told about motivation of his company: “Branch of company “Mostostroy-11” in Tyumen – one of the biggest in country, we have around 3700 employees and of course we are doing our best to make them do sports. We have competitions for the employees, besides we own a gym where all the employees can workout for free. Surely, when we got to know about the “Champions race” in Tyumen, many of our employees wanted to visit this event, because so many of them are really interested in biathlon, they follow the athletes success. We support Evgeniy Garanichev and Anton Shipulin, Daria Domracheva. Of course when our workers are so in love with biathlon we couldn’t miss that opportunity with such biathlon events as “Prize of the Governor of Tyumen region” and “Champions race”, that’s why we have offered our initiative and have become general sponsors of those events”.

Organizing committee